Remote Job Boards Making Up to $1.4M/year

These 3 remote job boards are making $200,000 - $1.4M per year, and two of them are run by solo entrepreneurs.

Rauno Metsa, Founder of JobBoardKit

Rodolphe joined Buffer – a startup where everyone works remotely – and travelled to places like Barcelona, Casablanca, Amsterdam, Paris, ...

And when his friends started asking where they could also find a job with such a freedom, he started a newsletter about remote work.

He's newsletter grew to 25,000+ subscribers in 3 years and formed a basis for the Remotive's website.

It took 7 years to reach $16,000 per month

Remotive's revenue has been growing steadily from $3.7k/mo to $16k/mo in 3 years (2017-2020).

Remotive is now making $16,000 per month, but this didn't happen overnight – it took Rudolph 6 years to reach a steady $10,000 / mo and another year to $16,000 / mo.

2020 revenue $197,237
Monthly revenue $16,000
Job posts 50/mo
Price starting from $299
Traffic 200,000 visits/month
Email subscribers 25,000

Rudolph doesn't spend money on ads, but rather grows traffic by writing blog posts and sharing ideas on social media (which he learned well from Buffer). He's great at writing and so doesn't need any marketing budget.

But as a non-technical founder, he’s biggest expense is probably product development (building and maintaining the website).


In 2013, Pieter Levels sold all his belongings and started to travel around the world while building 12 startups in 12 months. One of the startups was a job board aggregator Remote OK which fetches jobs from popular sites like Stackoverflow.

Pieter successfully leveraged his social media following and storytelling ability to build the initial momentum, but at the same time put effort into building a SEO friendly website which ranks well.

$40,000 per month

It takes a few years before the money starts coming in. Remote OK's revenue has been growing from $5k/mo in 2016 to $40k/mo in 2020.

2020 revenue $468,165
Monthly revenue $40,000
Job posts 60-100/mo
Price starting from $299
Traffic 280,000 visits/month
Email subscribers 86,000

As Pieter can handle development and marketing on his own, Remote OK doesn't have almost any other expenses than a server rent.

We Work Remotely

Basecamp – a fully remote team behind a popular productivity app – built a small job board in 2013 dedicated to remote jobs. It has probably been the most popular job board from the start.

2020 revenue $1,400,000
Monthly revenue $117,000
Job posts 380/mo
Price starting from $299
Traffic 2,500,000 visits/month

There's not much public info about their expenses, but I can probably correctly assume that their biggest expense is their team (around 10 members).